Oct 16, 2009

16 Months of Catchin' Rain

I've had my system charged now for 16 months. I use the rain water to feed a black 40 gallon horse trough . Which 9 goldfish are happily swimming in a thick pea soup of algae. This fish tank I call " Lake Slappy ". This water I use in my greenhouse. My greenhouse uses zero water from the city.

One thing I wanted to with this project is spread the word here in Lubbock, Texas. Having had some time under my belt , and continued reading. I'd like to begin holding water harvesting classes. The purpose of these classes is for the home owner, or small business to spend a few hours learning about how to do it, and leaving with a diverter that will handle the type of rain we have here in Lubbock. Because there are so many ways to store water , and each owner will have to make their choices for their goals. The class won't just sell you a 55 gallon drum and send you home.

Since I worked out this PVC fitting system , I have been able to change the original design to make it a better filter of the sediments we seem to have so much of.
So, after not using this site for 15 months, I have decided to activate it for this class , sort of the chalkboard, and list of resources for the students .


Lisa said...

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Tabatha Tidd said...

I'm glad that you are now starting to share your water harvesting skills to other people in your neighborhood. Once they understand how to save rain water in their homes for watering plants and such, they will be able to help the town save water. Anyway, how's your water supply after 31 months of "harvesting" the rainwater?

Tankstar Rainwater Storage Solutions said...

This is a good tank. Tanks made of fiber glass can be a durable one. Nice to have it.

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water harvesting system said...

Nice work sir, The way you choosed to save and used waste water is really wonderful..